Weed detection, classification and mapping using drones.

Many of the safety risks in the natural resource industry are drawn from having staff traversing difficult ground. This risk is exacerbated when these staff have a task to perform such as filling data sheets, that require them to shift their attention from their surroundings. Interest in aerial means of capturing data to negate this risk and other challenges is increasing. We have developed a number of methods to map weeds with varying degrees of automation in the analysis process. Capturing extremely high resolution data with drones is simple, cheap and easy. The challenge is converting that data into actionable …

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NDVI Imaging

The benefits of using UAV technology to measure crop health and improve production have excited agriculturalists for years. By seperating light bands such as blue, green, red, and near-infrared and measuring the intensity of light reflected from plants, stress can be identified significantly sooner than with the naked eye. Crop yields can be boosted by using imagery to assist in scouting, identifying nitrogen deficiencies, and detecting faulty application equipment and irrigation systems. Technologies such as digital cameras, UAVs (Drones) and big data computing have matured to a point where regular, high quality imagery is available to all farmers. The affordability of unmanned aircraft means that …

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Uaviation has completed testing of its new thermal imaging drone. Sporting the highest quality radiometric thermal camera, and a separate visual camera, the UAV is capable of recording over 2 million seperate temperature readings each second. The platform will be used to extend Uaviation’s asset inspection services to new clients. Services include underground leak detection, friction and wear detection, insulation and photvoltaic cell inspection.

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