Environmental Services

  • Uaviation provides survey, mapping and inspection services to the environmental services industry. Helping clients better understand the land under their stewardship.

Robotic Environmental Inspection and Survey

Uaviation’s survey and mapping teams collect 3D spatial and high-resolution aerial imagery of land management assets. Our feature surveys are informed by scientifically robust AI algorithms, imagery analysis, volumetric calculations and manual inspection techniques.

Land Rehabilitation Monitoring
Uaviation conduct thorough post permit approval land monitoring services to land managers. Our semi-autonomous mapping & surveying services brings a new level of precision to the monitoring of the environment.
Forestry Surveys & Inventories
Focused on both plantation and native forests, Uaviation delivers an efficient, affordable and semi-autonomous service range to collect and analyse aerial data to assist forest managers to monitor the condition of their forest resource.
Surveying for Marine Environments
Uaviation’s unmanned imagery technology and our team of environmental scientists provide a faster, safer, and more accurate data collection method for your water management, inspection and surveying challenges.
Environmental Incident Response
Whether it is fire, contamination, vandalism or storm damage, we have gathered the right people, processes and technology to the capture of hazardous environmental incidents.
Aerial Vegetation Mapping & Surveys
Uaviation’s team of ecologists bring subject matter expertise to the aerial mapping of native vegetation to improve the precision of vegetation mapping to build best practice land stewardship.


Uaviation use semi-autonomous robotic survey techniques to efficiently survey landscape scale projects. Whether 30 or 3000 hectares, Uaviation ensure our solutions provide value to land managers by improving understanding of their land assets.

Safer Inspection Method

Falls from height are the third most likely cause of fatality in the workplace. Uaviation’s unmanned environmental asset inspection service gives employers, regulators and insurers the confidence that work is being completed with no risk to human welfare, whilst still improving efficiency.


Our drones produce crystal-clear video, still images, thermal imagery and radiometry. All imagery is captured digitally, and transmitted in real-time to inspection teams located on the ground.

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Our experienced pilots and analysts have completed thousands of commercial flights across a wide variety of industries while maintaining an exceptional safety record.

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