Hazardous Site Inspections – why the leaching of chemicals could have been avoided at the West Footscray industrial fire site.

Uaviation’s robots routinely replace inspectors in situations where engulfment, fall from heights, contamination, crushing, hearing damage, or poisoning are real risks. These solutions are faster, safer and more affordable than manned inspections, and usually remove the need for downtime for operations.

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Confined Confined Spaces Inspection – Loy Yang Cooling Tower Inspection Project

AGL’s Engineering team find triple bottom line benefits using unmanned robots. LOY YANG, AUSTRALIA – on November 7th and 8th (2019), Uaviation’s industrial asset inspection team delivered a successful project involving the use of robots and drones to inspect critical infrastructure within a main cooling tower of the Loy Yang coal fired power station. The Loy Yang Power Station is run by AGL and is a 560MW brown coal-fired thermal power station located on the outskirts of the city of Traralgon, in south-eastern Victoria, Australia. Loy Yang was originally constructed through the 1980s and has recently reached the end of …

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Weed detection, classification and mapping using drones.

Many of the safety risks in the natural resource industry are drawn from having staff traversing difficult ground. This risk is exacerbated when these staff have a task to perform such as filling data sheets, that require them to shift their attention from their surroundings. Interest in aerial means of capturing data to negate this risk and other challenges is increasing. We have developed a number of methods to map weeds with varying degrees of automation in the analysis process. Capturing extremely high resolution data with drones is simple, cheap and easy. The challenge is converting that data into actionable …

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