Aerial Solar Panel Inspection and Data Analysis

Uaviation use unmanned aircraft and artificial intelligence technology to affordably inspect commercial scale solar farms, assisting O&M and solar farm owners to optimise their assets.

Maximize your return on investment

Aerial solar inspections can assist asset owners at a number of points in the life cycle of a solar farm, including:

  • Opitmise proper site commissioning;
  • End of warranty claim inspections;
  • Due diligence inspections on assets for sale;
  • Ensure proper management and maintenance.

Solar Farm Inspections

Uaviation’s solar farm inspection solutions allow for faster, safer, accurate site inspections. The unique perspective of low altitude aerial data capture offers solar energy providers with valuable, actionable information to maintain the plant at optimum productivity.

  • High resolution visual and thermal (long-wave infra-red) data;
  • Specialist solar panel inspection teams;
  • Detailed analysis;
  • Actionable reports.

Our clients benefit from the efficiency that drones can deliver to large-scale inspections. The receive actionable information that reduces maintenance costs and increases solar panel efficiency.

Thermal Data Analysis

Uaviation use AI-enabled software that allows solar PV systems to adopt drone technology for efficient inspections.  The software solution reviews aerial images taken of the solar PV system and then identifies, locates and prioritizes all anomalies. This AI system enables Solar Farm managers to:


  • Reduce cost;
  • Eliminate oversights; and,
  • Improves reporting.

Thermal Imaging of Solar Panels

Successful thermography (thermal imaging and analysis) depends on the operator’s understanding of the principles of emissivity, heat transfer and their application in the field in which they are working. That’s where Uaviation can help.  Now, with the ability to study images from the air, thermal infra-red imaging is becoming a powerful tool in asset inspection.

  • Detect faulty solar panels, solar modules and solar cells
  • Locate electrical insulation and capacitor breakdowns
  • Monitor voltage balance, overload or over-voltage
  • Spot defects that could impact on the efficiency of your panels.
  • Get regular actionable information in significantly less time than a manual inspection.
  • Monitor bearing performance wear and highlight solar panel mis-alignment

Solar Farm Construction

  • Determine how suitable a site is for power generation;
  • Monitor construction to maximise safety and quality;
  • Assess the overall workmanship of a project and the condition of critical components;
  • Spot defects that could impact on the efficiency of your panels;
  • Get regular actionable information in significantly less time than a manual inspection.

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aerial inspection provides operational savings and improved safety over traditional methods

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