Digital Twins and Inspection

  • Uaviation’s range of drone 3D Digital Twins provides clients with a unique and detailed diagnostic and communication tool for their real world assets.

3D Digital Twin Applications

Uaviation’s digital twin capture service, also known as 3d reality capture, is a new and innovative way to inform planning, project, design and maintenance decision making.

3D Asset Inspections
Uaviation provides 3D digital twin capture services to clients seeking condition information on their asset infrastructure under their stewardship.
3D Roof Inspections

Uaviation’s inspection teams collect 3D spatial and high-resolution aerial imagery of built assets. Our defect analysis is conducted by experienced engineers and communicated to asset managers though detailed reports and 3D digital platforms.

3D Archival Recording

Uaviation’s unmanned aerial imagery and 3D data collection service opens new possibilities for archival documentation of buildings, landscapes and significant sites, delivering 3D digital twin creation service.

3D Asset Inspection

Uaviation generate 3d digital twins of assets to assist project and asset managers in design and maintenance decision making. The applications of Uaviation’s 3D digital twins in the asset management industry delivers clear benefits by improving:


  • The communication of condition information;
  • Asset management outcomes;
  • Scoping of maintenance works;
  • Community engagement;
  • Funding applications;
  • Feature surveys; and,
  • Preliminary design and survey work.

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