3D modelling rock revetments

Recently the team at Uaviation have been focused on developing and applying new 3d modelling technology to the management of erosion prevention assets. The focus has primarily been on automating and standardising the assessment of coastal rock revetments. Uaviation’s systems focus on collection and analysis of: Voids Within the Revetment; Rock Displacement and Erosion; Exposure of Geo-fabric; Debris Build-up; and, Slope Differentials and S-curve development. Using unmanned aircraft (drones) Uaviation collect, detailed, high resolution imagery of the armour. Voids in the armour surface is measured using aerial imagery analysis where the tessellation and particle size of rocks are analysed. Uaviation …

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Weed detection, classification and mapping using drones.

Many of the safety risks in the natural resource industry are drawn from having staff traversing difficult ground. This risk is exacerbated when these staff have a task to perform such as filling data sheets, that require them to shift their attention from their surroundings. Interest in aerial means of capturing data to negate this risk and other challenges is increasing. We have developed a number of methods to map weeds with varying degrees of automation in the analysis process. Capturing extremely high resolution data with drones is simple, cheap and easy. The challenge is converting that data into actionable …

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