3D modelling rock revetments

3D modelling rock revetments

Recently the team at Uaviation have been focused on developing and applying new 3d modelling technology to the management of erosion prevention assets. The focus has primarily been on automating and standardising the assessment of coastal rock revetments.

Uaviation’s systems focus on collection and analysis of:

  • Voids Within the Revetment;
  • Rock Displacement and Erosion;
  • Exposure of Geo-fabric;
  • Debris Build-up; and,
  • Slope Differentials and S-curve development.

Using unmanned aircraft (drones) Uaviation collect, detailed, high resolution imagery of the armour. Voids in the armour surface is measured using aerial imagery analysis where the tessellation and particle size of rocks are analysed.

Uaviation use the principals of photogrammetry to model revetments in 3 dimensions. This baseline data is then subtracted from subsequent surveys to track rock falls and movement through time, informing asset managers to potential weaknesses in the armour.  

By modelling the revetment in 3D, the slope can be analysed to assess the development of S-curves in armour and compare the as-built design against the scope to ensure compliance by refurbishment contractors.   

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