Aerial Power Line & Tower Inspection


  • Safe transmission tower inspection
  • No operational downtime
  • 3D models, High-res and thermal imagery
  • Corridor vegetation prediction


Uaviation are experienced asset inspectors that provide transmission network managers with insights into their power line and transmission tower assets to avoid risk, improve safety and save money.

Tower and Component Inspection

Asset integrity and condition inspection and condition assessments using drones is now an essential tool for monitoring power line and transmission and distribution networks.

Uaviation use state of the art camera and drone technology to inspect all essential components of transmission and distribution network assets. We can identify deteriorating and defective cross members, bolts, phase conductors, gussets, insulators, ground wires and other poor performing components – all from unique angles and a safe distance.

Using Uaviation for power line and transmission infrastructure inspections is fast and safe. It avoids the need to climb infrastructure or rope access. It prevents your asset inspectors being put at risk.

Defect analysis is conducted by experienced engineers and communicated to asset managers though detailed reports and 3D digital platforms.

Infrared Thermal Inspection

Get advanced warning of components that are at risk of failing with the use of infrared thermal cameras.  Uaviation’s thermal inspections can detect differential heating of components to quickly highlight components of concern.

Corridor Survey

Be confident with the state of you transmission network corridors by populating your Electric Line Clearance Management Plans with the best data possible.

Assess the growth progression of trees, identify land use changes, vandalism, and other condition metrics within the corridor with Uaviation’s drone 3D mapping and surveying solutions. We can safely cover large lengths of corridor with high precision, categorising high risk areas for immediate action.

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