Thermal Imaging and Inspection Services

  • Uaviation’s range of thermal imaging services provides clients with unique and detailed diagnostic information about their assets.

Thermal Mapping, Inspection and Surveys

Uaviation provides thermal mapping, inspection and survey solutions using UAV drone systems. Through simple oblique photography, complete GIS data sets and more complex 3D modelling, the use of this technology is helping our clients monitor a range of asset maintenance and environmental issues.

Thermal Imaging Applications

Uaviation take full advantage of the power of thermal imaging and apply it to:

  • Roof Inspections;
  • Urban climate studies;
  • Mining and Oil & Gas;
  • District Heating Infrastructure Monitoring;
  • Power Generation and Transmission Inspections;
  • Solar Panel Inspections; and,
  • Fauna and Feral Pest monitoring.

Thermal Imaging Sensor Technology

Our sensors capture 2 million temperature readings per second. These readings can be stitched together to deliver survey orthomosaics complete with GPS encoding compatible with most GIS software suites. Thermal sensors are paired with a visual camera to allow for direct comparison between images. Our thermal mapping equipment is fully gyro stabilised and captures full radiometric images and video. This means that accurate temperature measurements can be taken from every pixel in the image.

Thermal Mapping in Asset Management

Asset surface thermal characteristics can be mapped by stitching images together and projecting them over a 3D surface. Uaviation can produce fully radiometric 3D models of buildings and project sites as well as points of interest such as air conditioners and electrical transformers.

This technology is especially useful in mapping thermal loading spatially. Uaviation has specific products made for large commercial roof inspection where differential thermal loading is mapped to highlight maintenance issues and component stresses.

Thermal mapping of building surfaces can inform building managers on the regions of principal heat loss. This information can be used to improve the efficiency of heating and cooling systems, resulting in significant savings on energy.

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