Built Environment

  • Uaviation provides unmanned robotic inspection services to asset managers improve the management of their portfolios.

Asset Inspection Solutions

Uaviation’s inspection teams collect 3D spatial and high-resolution aerial imagery of transport assets. Our defect analysis is conducted by experienced engineers and communicated to asset managers though detailed reports and 3D digital platforms.

Infrastructure Inspection
Uaviation generates actionable aerial transport asset information to asset managers to assist with design, and maintenance challenges through the delivery of unmanned inspection and surveying services.
Building Inspection
We empower property managers with improved asset knowledge through the delivery of unmanned robotic building inspection services, building confidence and cost efficiency into standard operation and maintenance practices.
Roof Inspection
Uaviation’s engineers provide detailed commercial drone roof inspections to property managers, instilling confidence in the continued longevity of assets.
Maritime & Ports Inspections
Utilizing the efficiency of mapping the environment using unmanned aircraft, water managing authorities can now affordably monitor the condition and health of the water systems under their stewardship more comprehensively without impacting affordability.
Photographic Archival Recording
Uaviation’s unmanned aerial imagery and data collection service opens new possibilities for archival documentation of buildings, landscapes and significant sites for incorporation into Cultural Heritage Management Plans.

Safer Inspection Method

Falls from height are the third most likely cause of fatality in the workplace. Uaviation’s unmanned asset inspection service gives employers, regulators and insurers the confidence that work is being completed with no risk to human welfare, whilst still improving efficiency.


Our drones produce crystal-clear video, still images, thermal imagery and radiometry. All imagery is captured digitally, and transmitted in real-time to inspection teams located on the ground. Your engineers can control the camera ensuring that areas of interest are accurately recorded and analysed in real-time.


Uaviation use the principals of photogrammetry to produce accurate 3D models of infrastructure and landscapes that seamlessly integrate with existing BIM systems. Allowing asset managers to have confidence that no management concerns are missed.

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Our experienced pilots and analysts have completed thousands of commercial flights across a wide variety of industries while maintaining an exceptional safety record.

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