Confined Spaces Inspection


  • Safer alternative to manned inspection
  • Customisable technology solutions
  • Repeatable process
  • Thermal capability


Uaviation provide asset and property managers a safer alternative to inspecting in confined space through the use on unmanned robotics. Our defect analysis is conducted by experienced engineers and communicated to asset managers though detailed reports and digital platforms.

Low Profile Inspection Rover

Uaviation use a modular industrial inspection rover with integrated Pan/Tilt wide angle camera, flood lighting, and robotic arm to inspection dangerous or confined spaces.  Our rover can be deployed to capture detailed imagery of features for desktop inspection and analysis by our engineers.

Confined Spaces Drone

Uaviation can deploy a professional inspection drone capable of surface contact and flying in enclosed environments. The drone is equipped with 4k video / 12.4mpx still camera will be deployed to capture close-up imagery of inaccessible places. This aircraft allows for inaccessible indoor spaces to be inspected without the need to place inspector at risk.

A Custom Solution

Have a tricky inspection problem involving dangerous or inaccessible spaces? Uaviation specialise in developing safe & innovative solutions to inspection problems. Talk to one of our consultants about your challenges to learn how we can help.

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Our experienced pilots and analysts have completed thousands of commercial flights across a wide variety of industries while maintaining an exceptional safety record.

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