Thermal sensors

How to generate a Thermal Orthomosaic / Map with radiometric information

The principals of photogrammetry are well documented and need not be explained in detail, however with the continual miniaturisation and improved resolution of thermal cameras begs the question: Can you apply the same principals of photogrammetry to thermal images? The short answer is yes, however the idea becomes more difficult when you attempt to retain the radiometric information. Below is a workflow that will allow you to generate thermal Orthomosaic and retain the radiometric information.  Most radiometric sensors like the Tau 2 allow for 640×512 resolution .rjpeg images to be captured. The radiometric data however is not contained within the …

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Matthew Lee Meets the Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change

I had the pleasure of representing Uaviation as a panel member the DELWP RPAS providers at a press release by the environment minister Lily D’Ambrosio at Melbourne Zoo on Saturday. Thinking initially that my role was just to deliver an example drone for the minister to point at, I had not anticipated what turned out to be a more involved role. The extent of the coverage we received from the press and the enjoyment I would draw from this experience. My first job was to set up our drone next to another RPAS provider’s drone.  Feeling somewhat intimidated by their 40kg+ monster of an aircraft, …

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Uaviation has completed testing of its new thermal imaging drone. Sporting the highest quality radiometric thermal camera, and a separate visual camera, the UAV is capable of recording over 2 million seperate temperature readings each second. The platform will be used to extend Uaviation’s asset inspection services to new clients. Services include underground leak detection, friction and wear detection, insulation and photvoltaic cell inspection.

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