Aerial Surveying of Marine Environments

  • Uaviation’s unmanned imagery technology and our team of environmental scientists provide a faster, safer, and more accurate data collection method for your water management, inspection and surveying challenges.


The capability of unmanned aircraft and the sensors they carry, convey new possibilities for the monitoring and assessment of management authorities. Combining the efficiency of mapping the environment using unmanned aircraft, with the detail and data that the sensors collect, water managing authorities can now affordably monitor the condition and health of the water systems under their stewardship more comprehensively without impacting affordability.


Water Behavior Models

Understanding how water moves through the landscape can assist in informed and accurate decision making. Using the high definition terrain modelling solution provided by the capability of automated unmanned aircraft, Uaviation can apply our detailed hydrology modelling toolset to landscape scale water management challenges.

Shallow Water Hydrography

The understanding of water behaviour is often not complete without subsurface information. Uaviation combine bathymetric LIDAR and SONAR sensors with automated above water platforms to efficiently map shallow water environments, and seamlessly integrate data sources.

Invasive Weed Management Plans

The management of weeds within a catchment is an essential priority for water managers to ensure healthy, functioning hydrological systems. Uaviation brings together experienced botanists, automated unmanned aircraft and sophisticated imagery analysis techniques to deliver comprehensive, cost effective and reliable weed management advice, on a landscape scale.

Rock Revetment Condition Assessments

The maintenance of coastline assets is dependent on the condition of rock revetments and retaining walls. Uaviation provide compressive rock revetment condition assessment reports that use 3D models and imagery of revetments to assess a range of condition variables such as; S-curve, void space, slope and rock displacement.

Erosion and Deposition Assessments

In response to the continuing challenges faced by water management authorities as water environments continue to change, Uaviation have developed a data capture and analysis toolset that quantify, visualise and report on erosion and deposition rates.

Wetland Mapping and Condition Reports

Uaviation provide a means for water management authorities to capture up to date condition information of wetland ecosystems and monitor changes over time. This can serve as an early warning system to detect impacts as systems change. Uaviation use sophisticated, innovative and automated imagery analysis techniques to detect and locate how systems are changing.

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