In the Line of Sight

  • Visual Impact Assessment and Reporting
  • Views and viewshed
  • Impact and amenity
  • Magnitude of change reporting
  • Visual impact management, mitigation and remediation

Visual Impact Data Capture

We use drones to capture visual impact assessment data. The data can be used to determine obstructions to the view of a proposed development – or conversely, determine the impact of a development on existing Viewsheds.

  • Demonstration of the acceptability of your proposal in terms of landscape and visual impact.
  • Document the extent of landscape and visual impact mitigation required
  • Visualisations, Perspectives, 3D models, Digital elevation models and topographic descriptions that demonstrate your proposal’s impact on the existing landscape.

Visual Impact Assessment Reports

Evaluating sight lines between the planned development or building and observed or sensitive positions.

We undertake Environmental, Landscape and Visual Impact Assessments using drones to capture data and imagery from the Zone of Theoretical Visibility (ZTV).Our ecology, heritage and architecural consultants use this data to provide reports in line with current and best practice guidance, and council, state and federal regulations.

We work directly with the relevant Planning Authority.

Our in-house data processing and analytics team produce the artefacts, including mapping, viewpoint photography, 3D Models and orthomosaic imagery.

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Visual Impact Assessment is an important part of an Environmental Impact Assessment . It determines visual impacts on stakeholders and the landscape due to development.

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