Aerial Vegetation Mapping

  • Uaviation's team of ecologists bring subject matter expertise to the aerial mapping of native vegetation to improve land stewardship. .


Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) remote sensing has great potential for vegetation mapping in complex urban landscapes due to the high resolution imagery acquired at low altitudes. Uaviation vegetation mapping service brings together botanists with drone technology subject. We have developed bespoke machine learning and imagery analysis algorithms to extract species and location data from aerial surveys of the landscape. (4)

Native Vegetation Mapping

Mapping the extent of native vegetation for the purposes of assessing obligations under local, state and federal planning schemes can be a challenge on a landscape scale for precinct level assessments. Uaviation’s DELWP certified vegetation assessors combine vegetation condition assessments with drone technology to define the extent of native vegetation with a high degree of accuracy. The benefits of using this technology include:


  • Reduced offset costs from accurate extent mapping; and,
  • Established baseline data set.

Forest Damage Assessments

Whether it is post fire, vandalism or extreme weather events, is it essential that fast, accurate and detailed information be gather regarding the extent and severity of incidents. Uaviation’s environmental incident response team use drone technology and multispectral analysis to generate fast vegetation damage assessments. The benefits of using this technology include:


  • Fast response time;
  • Instant spatial data;
  • Baseline data collection for recovery; and,
  • Detailed impact measurement and visualisation.

Invasive Weed Surveys

Uaviation can map and monitor the state of invasive weed populations using multispectral sensors and intelligent imagery analysis techniques.  We synthesis this information into actionable intelligence to assist land managers:


  • Plan weed control works;
  • Track weed populations;
  • Scope works for weed control contractors; and,
  • Ensure compliance.

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