Get the expertise earned over hundreds of successful projects. Choose the ease of a full-service solution or select the parts that you need to complete your aerial inspections.
  • Plan
    Our project managers work with you on your project needs. They liaise with authorities like CASA, councils and property owners to ensure that your project is successful.
  • Capture
    All operations are conducted following our strict flight management system that manages risk and ensures the assignment is conducted safely. We deploy specialists with deep experience that allows them to overcome challenges and to capture quality data, every time. Our charter ensures that each member of our team focuses on safety, integrity and entrepreneurship.
  • Analyse
    We process thousands of images and millions of data points from your project. We combine automated and manual processing techniques to create and analyse quality artefacts. They apply years of experience in their field and subject matter expertise to analyse your data to create precise and accurate results.
  • Report
    The results of the analysis are passed to our skilled engineers and ecologists who create useful reports. We deliver actionable results in a traditional documented report – or if you prefer, we can provide you with an online data viewing platform. Whether it is a point cloud, orthomosaic, 3D model, digital elevation model or any other data object. This app is available for your technicians.
Mapping and Survey
We boast the most advanced thermal imaging system on a drone. Providing high-res digital imagery and full radiometric data. The perfect solution for safe, low cost inspection of solar cells, leaks and insulation problems.
Environmental Services
Uaviation’s team of ecologists bring expertise together with innovative technology to provide clients with surveying solutions to environmental monitoring challenges.
Inspection Services
Our controllers and camera operators are some of the most sought after professionals in Australia. They operate drones in dirty, dark and dangerous places to provide the data you need to keep your plant online.
Thermal Inspection

Uaviation provides thermal mapping, inspection and survey solutions using UAV drone systems. The use of this technology is helping our clients monitor a range of asset maintenance and environmental issues.