Rail Bridge Inspection

ARTC Significant Bridges Project


Uaviation was commissioned by the Australian Rail Track Corporation (ARTC) to map, 3D model and structurally inspect the condition of “significant bridges” around Victoria.

The scope included collecting, processing and inspecting imagery of rail bridge crossings marked high-priority for remediation. The objective was to establish the condition of assets for the purpose of informing maintenance priorities and schedules.

Using the principals of photogrammetry autonomous and semi-autonomous flights were completed using purpose built unmanned aircraft and sensor combinations that were optimised for the collection of bridge inspection and photogrammetry data.

3D models with detailed textures were generated. These models were used as a baseline model for ARTC’s built infrastructure management system (BIM), to make measurements and to assist asset managers and inspectors to orientate and locate structural concerns.

This project typifies the benefits the latest technology can bring to inspecting large-scale infrastructure. In this case the use of unmanned aircraft eliminates the need to have inspectors using risky rope access techniques, hanging from active rail bridges and delaying freight operations. This inspection reduced inspection team’s “time on site” (reduced from 5 days to 1 day) and significantly improved rail movements and the bridge inspection programmes safety and risk profile.


  • Date : 8 May, 2019