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Dirty, Dark or Dangerous work? Keep your assets online while taking care of inspections using HD visible, thermal, LiDAR, near infra-red sensors.

A challenge for all powerline network managers is to have an up-to-date, comprehensive understanding of the condition of their transmission assets. With current inspection methods being expensive and high risk.

Uaviation’s powerline inspections service provides a safer alternative to the inspection of transmission towers and network corridors.
Using our high-tech drone and camera systems, our inspections can be completed from a safe distance, without the need for heavy aircraft, inspectors or fuel sources to be in close proximity to power lines.

Thermal infrared sensors can detect differential and abnormal heating, providing an early warning to defective components, reducing the risk of coronal discharges.
In addition to inspection services, Uaviation can map, in 3d, the network corridor with high precision. identifying land use changes, vandalism, and other condition metrics within the corridor, categorising high risk areas for immediate action.

Our mission is to provide powerline network managers with confidence in their asset knowledge, whilst maintaining best practice safe work methods, at an affordable price.
Uaviation are working towards a ‘fully automated live line inspection concept’. Investing heavily in vertical take off and landing aircraft, beyond visual line of sight certification, rolling wire robots and sensors.

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  • Date : 15 August, 2016