Coastline Erosion Monitoring

Sand Movement Project


Uaviation was asked to conduct a baseline survey of the state of the sand at the Apollo Bay front beach. The rates and processes of erosion and deposition of soils and sediments were the subject of widespread and concerning the local council.

Previously, proper decision making had been restricted by a lack of information on the magnitude, frequency and timing of erosion and deposition activity in coastal environments. There was no simple, regular monitoring technique available to the council.

Uaviation used automated unmanned aircraft to survey the beach front and to collect imagery sufficient to conduct precise volumetric analysis on deposition and erosion rates.

The subtle variations in the dunes and presence of shallow water and movement (waves) presented imagery acquisition, processing and data accuracy challenges. However, Uaviation’s photogrammetry and data experts ensured that the solution provided met the requirements of the council.

The data acquisition methodology and process that Uaviation designed, tested and implemented is now used as the standard process and template for sand deposition and erosion survey specification for several councils.


  • Date : 8 May, 2019