Enterprise Overpass

3D Digital Twins


As a part of a research project with the university of Melbourne, Uaviation conducted a data collection operation at the enterprise overpass in the Port of Melbourne. The objective of this project was to create a high-resolution 3D digital twin of the bridge, using aerial drone technology and the principles of photogrammetry. This model was then used to populate a 3D virtual reality inspection platform in development my the university.

This project involved capturing a total of 13Gb (1700 images) of aerial imagery from all perspectives of the bridge. These images were then processed through 3D photogrammetry software to produce the 3d textured model.

The output was a success due to the:

  • high fidelity of the model to the geometric shape of the bridge;
  • quality and resolution of the texture;
  • efficiency with which the images were collected; and,
  • safe manner with which the data was collected.

The benefits of using 3D digital twins for asset inspection and management, is the ease with which asset condition information can be communicated both through your organisation and to third party contractors. Facilitating:

  • the accurate scoping, scheduling and prioritisation of maintenance work;
  • comprehensive asset knowledge and understanding; and,
  • detailed asset lifecycle histories.

If you would like to know more about how 3D digital twins can help inform your asset management plans, please speak with one of our team.


  • Date : 8 October, 2019