Aerial Imagery and Survey
for Forestry

  • Focused on both plantation and native forests, Uaviation delivers an efficient, affordable and semi-autonomous service range to collect and analyse aerial data to assist forest managers to monitor the condition of their forest resource.


The capability of unmanned aircraft and the sensors they carry, convey new possibilities for the monitoring and assessment of forestry resources. Combining the efficiency of mapping the environment using unmanned aircraft, with sophisticated resource assessment tools, resource managers can now affordably monitor the condition and yield of coupes under their stewardship more comprehensively without impacting affordability.


Plantation Inventories

Canopy cover analysis

Uaviation have developed sophisticated imagery analysis techniques that automate the calculation of canopy cover within a coupe.  This allows forestry managers to be able to better assess the structure and yield of plantations.

Tree height derivation

To assist in plantation yield calculations, Uaviation has developed technology that can measure the height of trees throughout the coupe.

Tree survival counts and post plantation survival analysis

Using multispectral (NIR) cameras and imagery analysis a count of the number of trees within a coupe can be determined. This process can be nearly full automated with the counting process being conducted through software. This process can be nearly full automated with the counting process being conducted through software. This can be transformed into detailed statistics about the rate and pattern of survivability.

Yield Prediction Report 

The above-mentioned information can be collated and synthesized into a comprehensive yield assessment report suitable for informing decision making.

Plantation Condition Assessment

Plantation health and Disease Detection

Uaviation can apply bespoke plantation health and Disease Detection algorithms to imagery collected over plantations. This information is synthesized into an easy to understand visual report that can inform timely and targeted management actions.

Regeneration species analysis

Understanding how coupes are changing after harvest is essential to ensure effective recruitment and recovery. Automated aerial mapping operations that produce high resolution imagery of the coupe is a method that Uaviation deploy to accurately map the extent and nature of coupe recovery.

Invasive weed mapping

The management of weeds within a forestry coupe is essential to ensure healthy, functioning ecosystems, adhere to biosecurity and CALP Act obligations and maintain access. Uaviation brings together experienced botanists, automated unmanned aircraft and sophisticated imagery analysis techniques to deliver comprehensive, cost effective and reliable weed management advice, on a landscape scale.

Plantation Condition Assessment Report 

The above-mentioned information can be collated and synthesized into a comprehensive condition assessment report suitable for informing decision making.

Terrain Modelling

The canopy of trees within coupes provide a challenge to planning within forestry environments. Planning safe and efficient road networks and identifying the location of water systems is made easy through Uaviation’s unmanned aerial terrain mapping service. We provide a solution that can model the terrain in 3D through the canopy. This data is delivered in an easy to use web platform which is makes it simple to visualize and manipulate the outputs.

Rapid Post Fire Damage Assessment

Uaviation can map and measure impacts on coupe yields and monitor recovery post bushfire, allowing up to date yield forecasts for forestry managers. Uaviation’s environmental incident response team use drone technology and multispectral analysis to generate fast vegetation damage assessments. The benefits of using this technology include:


  • Fast response time;
  • Instant spatial data;
  • Baseline data collection for recovery; and,
  • Detailed impact measurement and visualisation.

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