Photographic Archival Recording

  • Uaviation’s unmanned aerial imagery and data collection service opens new possibilities for archival documentation of buildings, landscapes and significant sites for incorporation into Cultural Heritage Management Plans.


The capability of unmanned aircraft and the sensors they carry, convey new possibilities for the documentation of heritage assets and detailing significant sites. Combining the efficiency of mapping the environment using unmanned aircraft, with the detail and data that the sensors collect, heritage assets can now be affordably digitally preserved.


Archival Recording

Uaviation combines expertise in Australian built heritage and 3D Reality Capture techniques to deliver innovative Archival Recording and Documentation solutions for Built Heritage assessments. Uaviation delivers beyond the current standard for documentation methods, providing 3-dimensional digital representations of assets and presenting the data in an easy to consume format. Our service protects significant sites for the future, before it is lost or changed, either by progressive alterations or by the ravages of time.

Aboriginal Site Mapping

UAVs can be used to efficiently record cultural heritage in a large area and enable prompt mapping of visible cultural sites like Aboriginal stone arrangements, stone built fish traps and dams and post contact Aboriginal sites like missions.

Dry Stone Wall Assessment

Dry Stone Wall 3D Modelling

3D modelling of dry stone walls is an opportunity to conduct a more detailed analysis of a site than would have otherwise been obtained through mapping. Modelling provided by UAV shows the size, condition and integrity of the entire length or section of a wall in relation to its environment. 3D modelling also provides the opportunity to digitally view the dry stone wall from various angles and distances in an interactive manner which is not possible with standard photography.

 Dry Stone Wall Mapping

There are areas with substantial stone walling in Victoria. Mapping these stone walls can take a long time.  The capacity to map dry stone walls in their surrounding landscape via UAV provides a quick method for understanding the location of walls and their relationships within a landscape. When surveys are required, the mapping also allows for a more targeted approach to ground truthing and further assessment as missing sections of dry stone wall can be eliminated from the initial ground survey early on.

Site Prediction Models

Uaviation use unmanned aricraft to identify landscape features which may contain Aboriginal heritage. Established activity areas can be surveyed to identify landforms that are likely to have Aboriginal heritage, such as: creeks, quarries and stony rises. Aerial surveys can also assist in assessing Ground Surface Visibility in an area to be assessed.

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