Land Remediation and Rehabilitation

  • Uaviation conduct thorough post permit approval land monitoring services.


Uaviation provide a suite of environmental monitoring and documentation services which include vegetation mapping on a landscape scape scale. Providing clients with the confidence that they have the best information possible to informing their management decisions.


Weed Mapping Services

Drone remote sensing provides a non-destructive and cost-effective platform for rapid monitoring of weed infestations. Uaviation’s aerial weed mapping service can map and monitor the state of invasive weed populations using multispectral sensors and intelligent imagery analysis techniques. Data collected from drones is synthesed into maps and spatial data for immediate action by land managers.

Whether for private property or major infrastructure projects, Uaviation’s aerial weed mapping service can improve your next land management project by informing:


  • Weed Management Plans (WMP);
  • Weed control operations;
  • Weed population monitoring;
  • Scope works for weed control contractors; and,
  • Ensure compliance.

Native Vegetation Removal Mapping

Uaviation team of suitably qualified DELWP accredited vegetation assessors provide a highly accurate method to measure the extent of native vegetation removed or proposed to be removed within your project to improve the accuracy of offset calculations.

Land Rehabilitation Progress Mapping

Whether for compliance or decision making, aerial imagery can provide an innovative way to capture the progress of remediation and rehabilitation works. Uaviation’s online data visualisation portal ensures you have the latest updates and can track the progress of your project through the capture of aerial imagery.

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