Dilapidation Surveys & Reports


  • Uaviation brings timely pre and post construction Dilapidation Surveys & Reports to the large scale building and infrastructure projects.


Uaviation specialise in reporting and survey of large, inaccessible, confined and/or hazardous environments using drones and confined spaces inspection robots. We work with building managers, asset owners and tenants to arrange the detailed survey of internal and external condition.


Our Superior Service

Uaviation use drones and confined spaces inspection robots to provide a more comprehensive assessment of condition. We collect detailed aerial data and imagery of the ground condition and can analyse it in the field. Our Dilapidation Surveys & Reports are perfect for projects that are:

  • Hazardous;
  • Inaccessible;
  • Remote; or
  • On a large scale.

Our Service Captures

Uaviation’s dilapidation reports ensure you receive the best actionable intel right to your palm. Delivering:

  • Details on internal and external conditions;
  • The presence, location and condition of easement items; and
  • An inventory of defects such as cracks, flaking paint, leakages, mould etc.

Data and Digital Artefacts

Uaviation’s service includes the delivery of:

  • Ultra-high resolution point in time maps of the property;
  • High resolution images of defects;
  • Map of image and defect locations;
  • videos; and,
  • Detailed & clear dilapidation report.

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Our experienced pilots and analysts have completed thousands of commercial flights across a wide variety of industries while maintaining an exceptional safety record.

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