Aerial Intelligence for Building Inspections

We provide decision makers with the ability to easily assess buildings and infrastructure.

  • High-res visual, thermal or LiDAR data capture
  • Point-in-time records including 3D models
  • Condition, structural, maintenance reports

Building and Construction

Pre-Construction Site Surveys

Uaviation’s pre-construction site assessments give project managers accurate aerial information on site conditions and allow all stakeholders to visualise the scope of the project and foresee any potential challenges.

Build Documentation

Gain valuable insight into the status of your projects and track progress over time. Recurring aerial imagery can improve safety, logistics and stakeholder updates, while integrating seamlessly with your BIM workflows.

Safety Audits

Construction workers are still prone to accidents that lead to material losses, temporary or permanent disabilities, and to fatalities. Periodic survey of jobsite can provide safety managers with key knowledge to enable accident prevention accident prevention.


Recurring volumetric analysis can accurately track material usage or project progress and can compare proposed grading plans with true topographic conditions.

Asset Inspections

Reduce hazardous man hours and increase cost efficiency with aerial data for damage or defect detection and analysis on buildings and other structures.

Roof Inspections

Drones are ideal tools for roof inspections. The reduce the time taken and increase site safety. Uaviation is an expert in drone roof inspections and together with our 3Dmodelling and consulting engineers, we provide an end-to-end solution.

Insurance Inspections

Collect the information necessary for loss control, underwriting, and claims, while improving efficiency and safety.

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