• Aerial intelligence solutions improve productivity.
  • Identify hub nose and blade defects.
  • Reduce the downtime for repairs.

Wind Turbine

Uaviation’s wind turbine inspection and reporting solutions allow for faster, safer, and more accurate site inspections.

  • Advanced drone technology
  • Innovative  data capture
  • Expert analysis

Our clients benefit from actionable information to reduce maintenance costs and increase wind turbine productivity.

Development and Construction
Determine how suitable a site is for power generation and monitor construction to maximize safety and quality.

Commissioning & Warranty
Efficiently assess the overall workmanship of a project and condition of critical components.

Operations & Maintenance
Gauge any defects that reduce the efficiency of your turbines and plant.  Get actionable information in significantly less time than a manual inspection.

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Our experienced pilots and analysts have completed thousands of commercial flights across a wide variety of industries while maintaining an exceptional safety record.

aerial inspection provides operational savings and improved safety over traditional methods

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