Aerial Drone Roof Inspection - Victoria
Uaviation’s state of the art drone technology provides significant advantages in roof inspection to property managers in Victoria.

Case Study: Commercial Roof Inspection

T he owners of a commercial business park in Victoria were subject to an insurance claim caused by blocked drains. To prevent similar incidents, the business park embarked on an annual roof inspection program.
The owners considered traditional inspection methods, but in order to make the roof area safe, inspectors required either guard rails and harness points or a cherry-picker that offered only limited access.
Both of these options were both expensive and time-consuming.
Uaviation was commissioned to inspect the roof area and provide a roof condition report that highlighted the areas that required maintenance.
The specifications:
• Area : 16,200m2
• 50-year-old asbestos sheeting
• Average condition
• Poor roof access with condemned gang-ways and a steep roof pitch
• A saw-toothed design with 25ft glass risers
• No safety railings or harness points
• Failing roof integrity


U aviation’s aerial inspection team conducted a thermal, point of interest and map survey.
Full three-pass survey included 8 hours to complete.
The images were sent to Uaviation’s qualified roof inspectors for analysis.
A detailed report was delivered to the client in 24 hours.

The Results

Cost effective and fast – The project was completed significantly cheaper than manned inspection and without the cost of hiring a cherry picker.
Safe – No roof access was required saving on Job Safety Assessments and reducing risk to the business.
Business as usual – There was no restrictrictions to access to impact production during the inspection.
Accurate information – The inspection report highlighted roof condition issues and provided the basis to plan and cost the remediation work.

Reduced Cost

T raditional methods are expensive, and can often require cherry pickers, platforms and lifts.

35% Cheaper65%
Improved Safety

F alls are the third most likely cause of a fatality in the workplace. Drones eliminate the use of ladders, lifts, leading edge, scaffolding, or rope access, protecting employees and business from this risk.

100% Safer0%
Fast, Accurate results

D rone inspections are more efficient than traditional methods as they limit the disruption to business. With accurate details and imagery, drone surveys provide precise information for repair costings. Images are available within one hour, and a full inspection report is completed within 24 hours.

75% Faster25%
‘‘ Using Uaviation’s aerial roof inspection service provided us with a cost effective, safe alternative to using a cherry- picker or manual access. ‘‘ 

Client – 2016