How does drone aerial mapping help businesses?

You can’t manage what you can’t measure

 Applications for aerial mapping

·      Crop monitoring

·      Farming (precision agriculture)

·      Erosion evaluations, terrain and surface modelling

·      Soil remediation (e.g. asbestos and other contaminants)

·      Forestry Management

·      Construction monitoring and planning

·      Archaeological and Historical Site Surveys

·      Infrastructure Inspections

·      Sports Grounds and Golf Courses

·      Wildlife Conservation

·      Disaster Management

·      Post-disaster and Insurance assessment

·      Invasive Species Studies (Flora and Fauna)

·      Mine Site Surveys


An early warning system for farmers – Hear your crops whisper before they scream!

Our aerial mapping solutions let you to see what your eye can’t. Plant health, pests, weed & disease, soil saturation.

How does it work?

Monitoring crops with UAV drone technology lets you achieve tasks that would have been previously only been available to the largest growers. Drones are cheaper, more efficient and better produce better quality data than manned aircraft or ground-based data collection.

Our drones and crews are fast,  intuitive and skilled in capturing your data processing and delivering to you in a short hours few hours.

We can help you with orthomosaic (stitched together photos of large aread of land), NDVI (plant health index), 3D digital models or any other data you need.

Improve crop yield

Use vegetation indices, Infra-red, time-lapse, and thermal mapping to study crop health through stages of growth. Spot early anomalies and take corrective action early

Reduce pest control and crop nutrients costs

Apply insecticides or fertilizers only where they’re needed

Construction and Asset Inspection

Probably the first truly tangible benefit business found in drones was to inspect assets in dirty, dark and dangerous locations. Today drones are unsurpassed in their asset inspection ability. They reduce the risk to humans and businesses while providing cost savings and unrivaled data.

Whether it’s inaccessible infrastructure, live plant, high-voltage power or simply a difficult to access roof or tree, our drones provide a fast, safe and cheap solution – every time.

Orthomosaic mapping, 3D modeling and visualization is hugely beneficial to building, landscape or urban design projects. It can be used to test out design concepts, demonstrate the benefits of the project to stakeholders, plan and measure the impact on the environment. It is also an ideal tool for marketing. Customers love the perspective they can get from detailed aerial mapping

Using the latest RTK geo-positioning systems and ground-truthing, we can capture accurate survey data.

The point cloud data we can produce 3D models. Using orthorectified photography, we can accurately render the 3D model to produce detailed visualisations for new designs or as-built surveys of buildings, land and civil structures.


·      Helps to communicate the benefits of a project to its stakeholders, investors and users.

·      Assists with the marketing of a project.

·      3D models and visualizations can support your planning application.

·      Document and monitor construction sites as they evolve

·      Enables you to visualize a project

·      Erosion evaluations

·      Post-disaster assessments

·      Archaeological site surveys with ease