Environmental Incident Assessmet

  • Uaviation brings timely incident response, impact and remediation monitoring services to the contaminated land consulting and insurance industries.


We have developed bespoke people, processes and technology to the capture of hazardous environmental incidents. Whether bushfires, asbestos, floods, oil spills, contaminated soil, or algal blooms, Uaviation can provide timely data right to your desktop, removing the risk and safety concerns from having people on the ground.


Incident Response


Uaviation’s rapid response service ensures you receive the best actionable intel right to your palm. Delivering:

  • Rapid mobilisation;
  • Real time video feed to your office;
  • Baseline datasets on impacts; and,
  • Impact spread predictions.

Remediation and Rehabilitation Monitoring


Whether for compliance or decision making, aerial imagery can provide a innovative way to capture the progress of remediation and rehabilitation works. Uaviation’s online data visualisation portal ensures you have the latest updates and can track the progress of your project through the capture of aerial imagery.

Insurance and Underwriting

Uaviation’s team can provide timely data on the condtion of assets for claims adjustment by providing:

  • Roof Damage Inspections;
  • Post Disaster Claims Inspections;
  • Insurance Inspections; and,
  • Fraud Monitoring.

Remote Sample Collection

Uaviation have developed bespoke robotic solutions for the collection of samples. These include:

  • Water sampling; and,
  • Airborne dust particle measurement and sampling.

Ask us how we can develop custom remote sampling solutions for your data collection challenges.

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