Asset and Infrastructure Inspection
Carrying out close visual inspections of plant and equipment while they remain online provides a significant cost saving for your business.

O ften, safety and risk management dictates that your plant is taken off-line before inspections begin. This impacts your production.
The use of manual inspection, rope access, full-sized helicopters or scaffolding to access difficult-to-reach structures is time-consuming and represents a further cost to your business.
Add to that lost revenue from shut-down.
Traditional methods of inspection are often unsafe and increase your business’ exposure to risk. Falls from height are the third most likely cause of fatality in the workplace and accounted for 24 deaths in Australia last year according to Safe Work Australia.
Live asset inspection using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) addresses these issues and delivers further benefits not offered by traditional methods. It allows your engineers to monitor and predict component failure. It allows you to minimise shut-down times.
Our UAVs produce crystal-clear video, still images, thermal imagery and radiometry. All imagery is captured digitally, and transmitted in real-time to inspection teams located on the ground. Your engineers can control the camera ensuring that areas of interest are accurately recorded and analysed in real-time.

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