Aerial Infrared Drones in Melbourne and Victoria
Successful aerial infrared images depends on a number of factors including the quality of the infrared sensor, the position and angle the sensor / camera can attain, and the operator’s understanding of the principles of heat transfer.

That’s where Uaviation can help.  Now, with the ability to study images from the air, drone infrared imaging is becoming a powerful tool.

A erial infrared drones can quickly inspect PV (photo voltaic) cell and other solar installations,
Infrared (IR) analysis will uncover defects in solar collectors.
A UAV fitted with an IR camera can also identify faulty air ducts, overheating plant, insulation problems (heat loss) and many other defects. This allows maintenance teams to quickly target problem areas – increasing their efficiency and saving you money.
Uaviation supplies aerial infrared services from Melbourne and throughout Victoria. Our clients include large government departments, emergency services, commercial property managers and industrial services.

Our Infrared drone can quickly check whether your business is throwing away money on poor insulation, overheating plant and machinery, inactive solar cells and many other hidden problems.